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Virginia Medicaid – Unclaimed Property

Medicaid Tip of the Week:  Unclaimed Property

By Attorney Susan I. Jean on February 14, 2019

 We (or our parents and sometimes their parents) may take out life insurance policies over the years.  But it is easy to lose track of these old policies.  Or to get a small refund check, which gets misplaced and never cashed.  Put together, various companies may owe us a significant amount of money.

One way to find these old claims is to look at the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Unclaimed Property website.  If you or your parents are not Virginia residents, there is also a national website. These sites are FREE; if you stumble on one that wants to charge you, you are at the wrong site.

Yes, my husband and I found an old utility company check that we didn’t remember, and paid for a nice dinner with it!  It wasn’t a bazillion dollars, but a nice dinner is a nice dinner.  Create your account, and then have fun looking for money!