THLG News – Three Generations of Representation


Yesterday a gentleman came into the office.  He had questions regarding how best to take care of his mother.  I recognized his mother’s name.  I did indeed represent his mother in her estate planning.  And in fact, I represented mother’s mother in her estate planning. 

It is my privilege now to represent three generations of this family. 

For a firm that doesn’t do much advertising, word of mouth and on-line referrals are critical.  My belief is that when we do good work for one person, that person tells another, who tells another.  This allows the practice to grow.  And allows us to provide services at a reasonable cost, without having to pay high advertising costs.  When I see that grandmother told mother, and mother told son, I consider this to be the highest compliment my firm can receive.  And I will work hard to deserve the complement.