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Senior Scams – Voice Cloning

By Susan I. Jean - June 26, 2023 I met with a client recently who shared with me a very scary story.  Some details have been changed, but the substance of her situation is as follows: Her grandson called her.  He had been arrested and needed $15,000 for bail.  It had...

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Helpful Info – Beware of Scams!

Helpful Into -- Beware of Scams! By Attorney Robert T. Brooks      August 21, 2019 In the last 2 days I have personally received mail from a scam group and had two clients tell me about scam phone calls they have received.  In today’s world you must be suspicious of...

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Helpful Info – Just Walk Away

Helpful Into - Just Walk Away BY ATTORNEY SUSAN I. JEAN June 28, 2019 As an attorney, my job usually is to give advice on what should be done.  But sometimes my best advice is to just walk away from a situation.  I met with a potential client recently.  She is very...

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Helpful Info – “Tidying Up” Your Affairs

By Attorney Susan I. Jean on December 7, 2018 In this season, we often resolve to tidy up our personal affairs.  As part of this process, please consider whether you have up-to-date, complete and thoughtful estate planning documents.  This, as much as any other, is a...

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Helpful Info – Online Safety Tips

By Attorney Susan I. Jean on November 30, 2018 This morning I heard of the apparent breach of the Marriott data system.  Possibly over 500 million folks’ data is at risk. I don’t want this to happen to The Heritage Law Group friends and families. I’m not a computer...

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