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Estate Planning – Pet Trusts Revisited


     We love our fur-babies and they love us back …

     We spoil our fur-babies and they spoil us back …

     We protect our fur-babies … and sometimes they protect us back… 

Being a responsible pet parents includes the responsibility to plan for our pets 

     Who can take care of them if we can’t? 

     Where will they live if we can’t keep them?

     Where will the money come from for those expensive vet bills?

Pet Trusts allow you to set money aside for your pet’s care, feeding, grooming, and veterinarian costs, so that the person to whom we entrust our pets will be able to love our pets without worry about the costs.  Meet with one of the attorneys in this firm to get these documents taken care of now.  You will find that it is simpler than you thought.  And this hot summer is the perfect time to check this off your list.